Monday, May 14, 2007

The Yellow Warbler

The yellow warbler is one of Newton's Most striking breeding birds. This magnificent bright yellow bird frequents brushy areas, often near water. This bird can be found in urban areas such as the area in front of City Hall and adjacent to Bullough's pond. However, due to its small size, and the fact that it is often concealed in dense vegetation, this bird can be easily overlooked. The yellow warbler is more often heard than seen. If you are a beginning birder, and would like to see the yellow warbler, I suggest that you learn to recognize its song. It is now peak breeding season and males can be heard singing much of the day. The yellow warbler can be seen readily at Bullough's Pond. There is a male singing at the south end of the pond, along the Commonwealth Avenue footpath, immediately east of Walnut Street. Yellow warblers can also be observed at City Hall ponds, Cold Spring Park, Nahanton Park, and many other areas around our City. Although many of our most spectacular songbirds such as the blackburnian warbler and magnolia warbler are migrants, we are fortunate to have the yellow warbler as a summer resident.

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