Sunday, May 6, 2007

Natural Newton at Home

5/6/07 - What could be better than growing your own food at home? Home gardening is a wonderful way for children and people of all ages to connect physically with the natural world. It can be awe-inspiring to go from seed to pounds of delicious produce-- even with very limited available space. Pictured here are our basil and tomato plants, started indoors. Greg Maslowe, Newton Community Farm Manager, wrote a wonderful piece for the Newton Tab on the virtues of consuming locally grown produce (5/2/07). It's surprising how much can be grown on a small sunny patch of land. Last season, we produced about 30 pounds of butternut squash from seeds that self- germinated in our compost pile (on about 60-70 square feet?). We just ate our last garden squash in April.

Newton Community Farm is committed to offering guidance to home vegetable & fruit gardeners, from beginners to experienced gardeners. This year, the farm will be offering a course through Newton Community Education entitled "Gardening and Fruit Growing at Newton Community Farm." This 4-session course (beginning June 30) is specifically designed for people interested in starting to grow fruits and vegetables at home, as well as gardeners who would like to improve their skills.

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