Monday, May 7, 2007

Orchard Oriole at Bollough's Pond

5/7/07 - Observed Orchard Oriole at northwest end of Bollough's Pond, near the bridge. The bird was observed in some maple trees and witch-hazel shrubs adjacent to the pond. The Orchard Oriole is a magnificent bird, and an uncommon spring migrant in Massachusetts. The spring migration is in full swing. Other birds observed at the pond on May 7 are listed below. I have placed an asterisk next to birds that, as far as I can tell, have returned to Newton within the past few days.

Bollough's Pond
Bird Sightings
chimney swift*
rough-winged swallow
house sparrow
song sparrow
black-capped chickadee
northern cardinal
northern oriole*
orchard oriole*
common grackle
red-winged blackbird
canada goose
american robin
gray catbird*
northern mockingbird
yellow warbler*
yellow-rumped warbler
eastern kingbird*
warbling vireo*
common yellowthroat*

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