Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Osprey at Crystal Lake

Thanks to Carol Stapleton of Newton Parks & Recreation for reporting an Osprey at Crystal Lake today. This large bird of prey was observed hunting for fish in the lake. Osprey's have staged a dramatic recovery in Massachusetts and elsewhere in North America since the banning of DDT. Osprey in Eastern Massachusetts frequently nest on nest poles and other man-made structures. This species is apparently an uncommon visitor to Newton. I have not observed this species here, although I have observed it just across the Needham line in Cutler Park. Carol has a wonderful series of Newton Wildlife photographs available for viewing on the city's website. Other raptors uncommonly seen in Newton include the Bald Eagle and Rough-legged Hawk. More frequent visitors and year round residents include the Red-tailed hawk and Cooper's Hawk. Screech Owls and Great-horned Owls are also resident.

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