Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Asters

As we move into late fall, the Asters are beginning to falter. As I wrote in September, we have a diverse array of Goldenrods and Asters that bloom in late summer and fall. Although most Goldenrods are done blooming by now, some of the asters are hanging on. Two of Newton's most common asters of open woods, and suburban edges are the White Wood Aster and Heart-leaved Aster. The lilac-colored Heart-leaved Aster tends to bloom a bit later and is still blooming. Both of these species are quite widespread and may even be found blooming at the base of some hedgerows (privet). I have 4-5 native Aster species in my front yard, providing fall color when many of my neighbor's gardens are finished blooming for the season.

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