Thursday, May 14, 2009


Followers of this blog may recall that I have special fondness for roadkill. Here is a female Northern Oriole in good condition found dead on a Newton Road last May. I also found an American Goldfinch that month. Birds may be more likely to get hit during early Spring as they return from migration and settle unfamiliar territories? Spring and Fall are also good times to check for window collisions. My best find in Newton is pictured here. Now is an excellent time to be looking for live birds as well as spring migration has peaked. Nahanton Park and Mount Auburn Cemetery are excellent spots to visit within the next few days.


Soog said...

I haven't logged on to your site in a couple of months and I can't believe the picture in your 'Roadkill' post given why I came to your site.

I live on Chestnut Street just north of Beacon and today I saw what I think is a Baltimore Oriole sitting on my lower roof. I say I think it was because it was yellow and not orange. I googled the bird and see that some look yellow. Is this bird migrating or can I expect to see it again?

JR said...

Northern or "Baltimore" Orioles nest in Newton. The construct a woven hanging nest. Make sure it wasn't an American Goldfinch (year-round resident here).

Scott said...

Your post inspired me to post a picture of a dead Eastern Screech Owl that I found on the side of the road almost exactly a year ago. I gave a shout out to your blog as the inspiration for my post. Be sure to check it out at!

Scott said...

Sorry to be a pest, but someone just posted a picture of a turtle laying eggs at Hammond Pond on the blog. Would you be interested in taking a look and telling us what type of turtle you think it might be?

Thanks so much!


JR said...

I responded on your blog-- it's a snapping turtle.