Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mosquito Season

Those of us who have been out in the woods lately have been enjoying essentially mosquito-free conditions. This is about to change! These are some photos I took of mosquito larvae & pupae in a puddle in some woods in the area (4/26/08). The small woodland pools are absolutely teeming with mosquitoes. In the closeup shot below, you can see the larvae (longer, with a distinct head) and the pupae (black cylinders). The larvae are sometimes known as "wrigglers" because the swim by twisting sideways and spinning. The pupae swim by somersaulting. Mosquitoes are flies (Class Insecta, Order Diptera, Family Culicidae). I believe that these are spring mosquitoes in the genus Aedes or Ochlerotatus)? Mosquitoes are fascinating creatures on many fronts... For information about mosquitoes in Massachusetts, including a citizens quiz, click here.

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