Saturday, April 28, 2007

50 Birds

4/28/07 - With the sighting of a brown-headed cowbird today, I have now observed 50 bird species in Newton during 2007. I'm a casual birder, so there are many birds I missed. In the next 2-3 weeks the spring bird migration will peak, with many spectacular birds returning to breed (e.g. yellow warbler, northern oriole), or passing through (e.g. northern parula). Join Cris Criscitiello and the Newton Conservators on a Nahanton Park bird walk on Sunday May 13, 8-10 AM.

Newton List
1/1/07 - 4/28/07
cooper's hawk
red-tailed hawk
belted kingfisher
hooded merganser
black duck
canada goose
common merganser
ruddy duck
ring-necked duck
wood duck
great blue heron
green heron
turkey vulture
brown creeper
rock dove
mourning dove
blue jay
american crow
northern junco
white-throated sparrow
house finch
song sparrow
northern cardinal
american goldfinch
chipping sparrow
common loon
northern rough-winged swallow
red-winged blackbird
brown-headed cowbird
common grackle
ring-billed gull
herring gull
wild turkey
northern mockingbird
black-capped chickadee
tufted titmouse
red-bellied woodpecker
northern flicker
downy woodpecker
house sparrow
american woodcock
white-breasted nuthatch
european starling
golden-crowned kinglet
carolina wren
american robin
eastern pheobe

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